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Title: SEAiq


has data back-up tools
Alarm adjustable dampening.
Textual and visual CPA.
ease of data entry (route & waypoint creation/modification) (touch screen vs keypad)
contains an internal web server for diagnostics and configuration.
Tap on the chart to explore objects, such as buoys, lights, bridges and ships, or to search for a place or its coordinates. The augmented reality view also shows a live camera view from buoys and ships, including their names, range and bearing.

Official site:

Updated version https://macpkg.icu/?id=57719&kw=fezk9_vers.4.9.0_seaiq.pkg {31324 kb}

Featured to Sierra https://macpkg.icu/?id=57719&kw=vers.4.7.7.SEAiq.Hfjk.zip {26378 kb}

For the price, $7.99, iSailGPS provides sophisticated waypoint, route and track features, in addition to a usable chart display. For local sailing, it works well. Selectable Waypoint Symbols: It’s just another convenience to use a different symbol for an anchorage vs one in the middle of a route. Apps include AquaMap, Garmin AC, iNavX, MaxSea TZ, and iSailGPS. A: There are several ways to do this. The simplest is to touch the arrowhead in the top-left corner of the Navigation Window. Click on settings and turn on "Follow Vessel". Alternatively, you can double tap on the Navigate display and enable "Follow Vessel" there. All of these methods have the same effect. Note that as soon as you pan the display, the Follow Vessel setting will be disabled for you. Our free apps, SEAiq Free and SEAiq Open, require purchasing the in-app upgrade to enable the Follow Vessel feature. It very easy to download vector and raster charts from NOAA and US ACoE and keep them up to date. Charts are grouped into regions; you select one or more regions that you want charts for and the charts are automatically downloaded. Later you can update your charts by visiting the Charts tab to download a new catalog of the charts. The app then determines which charts have been updated and downloads just the updates. Of course, you can add or remove regions any time you want. It is that simple! Cost: $4.99 (15-day free trial, $44.99 for one-year subscription) Buy: This price is a good deal based on past prices for the app. SEAiq Pilot is the premier app in the SEAiq family of chart plotters. It is designed especially for use by river/channel/harbor pilots. It includes support for loading vector charts in the S-57, S-63, iENC, and BSB/KAP formats and use of external NMEA/AIS over WiFi. Awesome news for OpenCPN users. There is now a VFKaps OpenCPN plugin available! This is the fastest, easiest way to get Satellite Charts into OpenCPN. Move the chart to where you want a satellite chart, click the generate button, wait a few seconds and wham, you got it. Since this plugin requires no other software it works on both Windows and Linux.

| 35940 KB | Free LEZNZM SEAIQ VERS 4.7.4 4.10.15 Recomended! version

| 34951 KB | App SEAiq v 4.5.2 191vA 4.6.6 New Mac

| 26708 KB | Software SEAiq v.4.5.7 KrpeaF 4.6.7 English version

| 38908 KB | App VERS 4.5.4 SEAIQ RWI4N4 4.7.0 Recomended! version

| 30664 KB | Download C9H SEAIQ VERS 4.9.11 4.9.19 Featured El Captan

| 29675 KB | Torrent vers.4.4.12 SEAiq CLoQ 4.11.15 Featured! version

| 34951 KB | Update 4.5.8 SEAIQ VOBXR 4.7.7 Featured for MacOS

Languages Hindi Chinese UCTO_GIFSKI_V.1.2.1.DMG 1.4.0

Languages Portuguese German German bO6aW_XtraFinder_1.2.app 1.4.2

version Portuguese Ea2Gr_Nano_Sales_Manager_v.9.4.zip 8.6
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